Grapejuice does a live fest!

Details Since our last gig got postponed, we thought we'd keep the spirit alive with a little livefest!

Your friendly neighborhood acoustic event promoter has put this sweet thing together so we can showcase a few of our musical friends at this hard time. Each artist will be performing a set on their own instagram accounts - you can find them at the following:

5:50 - Grapejuice Events @grapejuiceev 6:00 - Dolce Blue @dolceblue_music 6:20 - Brandon Calder @brandoncaldermusic 6:40 - Aleia mj @aleia_mj 7:00 - The Plum Trees @theplumtrees 7:20 - Ribs @_ribs 7:40 - Devzalxndrmusic @devzalxndrmusic 8:00 - Stacey Ann @staceyannmusic 8:20 - Joe Goldsmith @joegoldsmithmusic 8:40 - ELWYN @elwynmusic