An Awesome Aussie: Interview with The Plum Trees

Australia isn’t only about shortening words while elongating band names. No, Australia is also known for its familial ties. Or maybe that’s just Perth-natives Shannon and Clancy Lethbridge. Either way, this brother and sister musical duo are so N’SYNC it’d put 98 Degrees to shame. Nice one, Josh. But seriously, these guys are tight. Whether the folk/rock/experimental duo are taking stages by storm in the outback of their native country, touring with a full backing band in Beijing or separately setting up shop and making their own IG videos in their bedrooms, they own it. Shannon sits down with us virtually to share her stories of songwriting, sibling squabbles and sexy sounds.”

Tone Def Sound (2020)

A Brother and Sister Duo

Clancy and Shannon are siblings, and they are also some sweet musicians who have that holiday island like vibe with their blend of folk and pop/rock. Their album also titled The Plum Trees, features songs 1, 2, 3, 4, I Promise, and My Calling to name a few. Each song is super groovy in their own unique way, and is sure to get your head bopping along. A treat to see live, The Plum Trees have been playing many great shows, including Jay Wood's GTTF tour, Next Wave at Clancy's and The Underdog Story at Ronnie Nights. They have lit up the room with their joyful presence, and are always a time and half to dance along to. An amazing talent, with a bright future ahead. ”

Vayley Promotions (2020)

Punk Night at Hot Cat

Shannon Lethbridge (lead singer of The Plum Trees) opened the stage with her experimental music with her sweet sounds of the ukelele, a wee bit of harmonica, looping outcries, celebrating womens day and sharing an instrumental song written for her cat. “Rooftop” is my favorite song, because it’s the simplest of joys to hang out with our favorite person on a rooftop, but the evening will never be forgotten .............. Shannon is Awesome. Awesome in it’s true meaning; something igniting the Aw.”

Sanna K (2016)