Tapes for Charity 🐈🐕

Special thanks to our friend Thruoutin for making an excellent remix of our song Nature’s Sound and inviting us to be part of the ‘Tapes for Charity’ mixtape (which btw was released to the world last Friday!)

All profits from the mix tape sales will go to helping pets stranded in Wuhan as a result of the epidemic (now pandemic) virus known as COVID-19.

“The Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association is a non-profit organisation that was created during the coronavirus epidemic to aid pets in Wuhan whose humans are stranded outside the city, many of whom have not been able to attend to their pets since leaving for Chinese New Year. The Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association have been breaking into homes (with permission) to feed and care for these beloved pets” (The Beijinger, 2020). 

We absolutely ❤️ our furry family members and hope this mixtape will contribute significant funds to help out our furry friends in China 🐈🐕 ! Head over to Nugget records’ bandcamp to donate & download a digital copy of the mixtape today!

P.S Keep scrolling down for some cute pics of our pets practising “social distancing” before all this craziness even started!