The Plum Trees once were a sibling duo. With all the smarts of any band looking for a way to make it, but knowing that following wouldn’t cut it, they relocated to Beijing where they recorded their eponymous debut EP and began to make it big.  With a series of festival performances such as The Mushroom Festival, Dream Sonic and Fete de La Musique, they were ready to take on one of the planet’s most populous markets. Their arc was interrupted by the return of one half of the duo to Western Australia’s southwest region.

The Plum Trees began as more than handy purveyors of dark and angsty almost-metal. But not quite. There was always something about Shannon’s vocals and pop sensibilities that saved them from disappearing entirely into that vortex. The Plum Trees had plenty of drama and gravitas, but they were still everyone’s darlings. During her hiatus, Shannon kept on writing, reinventing herself as a guitar and ukulele playing indie-folk mystic with a powerful voice that remains informed by her earlier work, but these days channels more light than shade.

As a solo project, The Plum Trees are one of Western Australia’s most intriguing propositions. They are the immediate future of music.


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